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Type of reward is usually agreed with the client when entering the project, after a preliminary assessment requirements. The amount of remuneration depend on the agreement and the specific services.
Hourly Compensation
The hourly fee is based on the number of hours that are or will be required to provide services.

Flat Fee
Flat fee can be arranged for providing services for a certain period of time or for an indefinite time, until a comprehensive settlement of the project or service.

Shareholder Remuneration
Shareholder remuneration may be agreed upon as a form of share by value of the project or problem solving.

In addition to the above mentioned remuneration shall be dealt with reimbursement of cash expenses reasonably incurred in connection with providing consulting services, travel expenses, postage, telecommunications charges, any expert opinions, translations, transcripts and photocopies; cover some of these costs can be finished by commonly agreed lump sum.

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