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Municipal waste, sorting and disposal of hazardous waste is the biggest problem of nowadays.

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Thanks to our previous experiences our company has established cooperation with renowned international company dealing with energy recovery of municipal and hazardous waste.

The technology of this process presents top and unique solution of this problem in the context of high economic profitability and by compliance of all global enviromental parameters ...


What is gasification?
Gasification is the almost complete conversion of organic ingredients and substances into gaseous products through the gasification medium. The volume of the biomass is reduced by up to 90%. As a feedstock for the production of synthesis gas can be used different kinds of cereals, grasses and fast growing trees. The conversion takes place at temperatures from 700 to 900 degrees C in a specially prepared atmosphere.

This gas can later be used in processes with either steam or gas turbine. For such use is necessary to ensure a high quality gas.

For further gasification are used different gasifier. For example fluidized-bed gasifier, current or nehybnout layer. Gasification in a fixed bed is still the most widespread. For small and medium-sized devices air is used as gasification medium. For decentralized gasification technology devices with lower outputs can play a major role. The purified gas can for example be used for co-generation in gas engines with high efficiency.

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